Your Energy Co-Op

We all know the energy challenges that our children and grandchildren will face in the future. CPN is an organization committed to doing something about that challenge right now, right here in our community.

From the beginning, CPN wanted to make a difference in Northumberland. We envisioned building renewable energy projects that offered sustainable alternatives to traditional nuclear and fossil fuels. We wanted to show how the passion and commitment of a local community, when guided by a common mission and vision, could benefit a county, a province, even a nation. If these goals seemed ambitious, you’re right. But we’ve made great strides so far, with more to come.

None of it was easy, of course. Nor was it inexpensive. But through hard work, CPN developed a governance structure that was sound, put together a Board of Directors who were experienced, gathered a membership team that was committed, and networked with partners willing to share their expertise and resources. Please learn more about Community Power Northumberland: explore our website, become inspired, and get involved.