Future Projects

Any operating surplus generated by CPN’s projects, after all obligations are met, will be assigned by the Board of Directors to finance CPN’s future renewable energy projects or to support local sustainability initiatives. The Board’s decision-making process in this regard will be transparent and consistent with CPN’s mission and vision, as will the criteria for selecting projects or sustainability initiatives.

“CPN will be the foremost renewable energy community cooperative in Canada
It will have an educated membership actively engaged in renewable energy production and energy conservation.”

To this end CPN’s Board has implemented a two-part process, called Achieving Strategic Success. Part one, already complete, involved the Board of Directors identifying priorities in three areas: production, conservation and engagement. Part two, which will happen in the Fall, will bring together co-op members and the general public to vet the possible priorities.

Production and conservation projects that CPN will pursue in the future will be of two types: self-initiated and partnered. Self-initiated projects are initiatives entirely conceived, planned, built and maintained by CPN. Partnered projects are initiatives conceive and/or conducted with like-minded organization.

Equally important is community engagement. To realize CPN’s mission and vision the Northumberland community must favorably regard CPN’s green energy efforts, including its stance on environmental sustainability. CPN should be perceived by Northumberland residents as the renewable energy champion in the community. CPN should have an active presence in the media (e.g., interview spots on local radio, newspaper stories, Cogeco television, etc) and in the community at large (e.g., have a physical presence at special events and local fairs).

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