Your Energy At Work

“If you want something done right, do it yourself.” At no time is this adage truer than now. Renewable energy needs to be part of our future, and CPN is already building it right here in Northumberland.

CPN began as a local citizens group wanting to make a difference. Often it didn’t make financial sense to install solar panels on individual homes, so the citizens banded together, formed a cooperative and found buildings in Northumberland County that could support large solar arrays. Taking advantage of Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program, CPN the successfully submitted applications to build three projects: one at the community center in Baltimore, ON, and two more in the heart of Cobourg, ON.

Building projects from scratch challenged to CPN’s new Board of Directors to find adequate financial backing, to finalize lease agreements, contract roof repairs, apply for grants, establish partnerships, and much more. But the challenges were well worth the benefits because CPN’s not-for-profit status demands that operating surpluses from renewable energy projects be returned to our community. Similarly, future projects that emphasize renewable energy production as well as overall energy conservation will ensure that Northumberland reap the benefits of sustainability. CPN is committed to making a difference. Be part of that difference – Join us.