Welcome to 2016!

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The Board of Directors for Community Power Northumberland (CPN) would like to wish you a Happy New Year for 2016! [To get acquainted with CPN’s Board click here.]

We’re very excited about CPN’s prospects for 2016.  With three FIT 2 projects completed (see the bar graph on our Home page to monitor energy production) and two submitted FIT 4 applications, we are well on our way to fulfilling the first of three ambitions for our Cooperative: Renewal Energy Production.  The other two ambitions, Energy Conservation and Community Engagement, will gain momemtum  through consultation and brainstorming sessions — to be held in the first quarter of this year — for novel ideas to benefit Northumberland and yield projects requiring greater membership involvement [see our Mission, Vision and Ambitions].  Stay tuned for more information.

You will have read in our News & Information section (on our Home page) that CPN is thrilled to help Cycle Transition with their very important mission to “make cycling the most accessible form of transportation in Cobourg, breaking down economic barriers while reducing smog and congestion.”  With a $5,000 grant from CPN for 2016, Cycle Transition will use the funds to accomplish the following:

  1. $3,500 would replace that amount in their budget for selling donated bikes after refurbishing. They will continue the practice, as it keeps bikes out of landfills while providing an inexpensive transportation option. They intend to organize some days during the winter at which mechanics would only work on donated bikes. The additional funding and reorganization of labour will relieve the conflicts between helping clients and getting bikes ready for sale. It will also make the times when the shop is open into more of a social time and make these sessions more appealing to their volunteer mechanics.
  2. $1,000 would be used to promote Cycle Transitions to non-members in order to increase membership, to better engage with existing members, and to provide more social activities for volunteer mechanics.
  3. $500 would be used to reimburse Can Bike instructors for their annual Ontario Cycle Association certification and for keeping CPR/First Aid credentials up-to-date. [for more information, visit their website here.]

Please become a member of your CPN Cooperative by filling out our Application Form, or, if you are already a member, become more involved by contacting us at info@yourcommunitypower.org

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