Solar Install


Photos of our newest installation!

CPN is proud to announce the start of its next major solar project: the Keeler Centre in Colborne. On July 4th, construction began on a roof racking system designed to hold 952 solar panels that, when completed by the end of August, will produce 325 kilowatt hours of clean electricity, enough to power 40 homes.

The cost of the project is $496,000 and will be entirely funded by CPN through the generous contributions of 13 member loans as well as cash reserves from CPN’s first project. The diligence and dedication of CPN’s all volunteer board, particularly its engineering and construction subcommittee, deserves special recognition in this huge effort.

Make sure to drop by the Keeler Centre at 80 Division St, Colborne to see progress over the summer. Chock another one up to community power and sustainability.