Our Right to Clean Air, Water, and Safe and Healthy Food

The right to a healthy environment has been recognized by all 7 Northumberland Municipalities thanks to the advocacy efforts of Blue Dot Northumberland.

In 2014, the David Suzuki Foundation launched the Blue Dot Movement, with the goal of enshrining the right to a healthy environment – clean air, water and safe and healthy food – in Canadian law. This grassroots non-partisan movement spread quickly, with chapters taking shape across the country.

Our local chapter, Blue Dot Northumberland (BDN), was formed in 2017 by local residents Bruce Bellaire, Faye McFarlane and Tom Shea, and began its work to have all levels of government formally recognize the right to a healthy environment (R2HE) for Canadians. Volunteers flocked to the cause, spreading the word about environmental rights at local festivals, council meetings, climate strikes, protests and numerous other events across the region. 

BDN presented to all seven municipal councils, Northumberland County and Alderville First Nation and were pleased to see them all pass declarations/resolutions for the R2HE. We are continuing to advocate for each to develop climate action plans.

Our next campaign was to see environmental rights enshrined in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). Once again, we rallied community support for this and met several times with our local MP, formerly Kim Rudd and now Philip Lawrence. In May 2023, we celebrated when CEPA was updated with many new provisions, including the R2HE!

The Blue Dot movement helped us expand our focus from protecting water sources to advocacy for environmental rights before all levels of government, greenhouse gas emission reduction and preservation of our natural heritage. Our team has grown and flourished, allowing us to make positive change in our community.

Faye McFarlane

BDN is a respected, stand-alone local environmental voice committed to ensuring that all levels of government prioritize our urgent need to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more at: facebook.com/bluedotnorthumberland

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