How Healthy is Your Watershed?

Every five years our local conservation authorities publish report cards on the health of our watersheds. Find out how we did in 2023.

A watershed refers to the area of land where creeks and streams connect into a common river system which then drains into a larger body of water, in our case Lake Ontario. As emphasised by the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority: “Everything in a watershed is connected. Our actions upstream can affect conditions downstream.”

Here in Northumberland, our homes, farms, towns, hamlets, forests, and wetlands, rest primarily in one of two watersheds – the Ganaraska Watershed in the eastern part of the county, and the Lower Trent Watershed in the western and central part of the county.

Each year, the respective conservation authorities publish Report Cards on the health of our watersheds. Check out these downloadable PDF reports to find out how the health of our watersheds fared in 2023.

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