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Our Power.  Our Future.

We all know the energy challenges our children and grandchildren will face in the future. CPN is an organization committed to doing something about that challenge right now, right here in our community.

We are grassroots organization working to harness the power of the Northumberland community, literally and figuratively. We want to encourage community commitment to renewable energy, and we want to tap into our members’ passion for a cleaner, greener future.


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Where do we go from here?
On On April 13th 2022 CPN’s Board of Directors awarded Community Investment Grants totaling approximately $25,000 to eight different Northumberland community groups who are actively engaged in sustainability initiatives in our County. Details of the projects that have been awarded funding will be announced on the website as they occur. Two events have already taken place.

CPN’s First Grant: $2152 - On May 28, 2022 The EV Society of Canada, a not-for-profit organization comprised of electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts advocating for electric mobility, held an EV and Sustainable Event at the Northumberland Mall. The estimated attendance, over the 6 hr. event, was about 700 (according to the Cobourg Police constable). The show and tell event was designed to educate the public on the benefits of zero emission vehicles (EVs) and other sustainable programs. The grant amount was for $2152. The bulk of the funding was for the rental of the Plug’n Drive vehicle that allowed participants to test drive an EV.
CPN’s Fourth Grant: $1999 - On July 13, CPN issued a cheque to Cycle Transitions a Cobourg Bicycle Resource Centre and DIY Bicycle Repair Shop staffed and operated by volunteers. The funds were used by Cycle Transitions to cover the costs of a bicycle maintenance course for one of their volunteers.

CPN’s Second Award: $1035 - On June 5th Sustainable Cobourg’s Bicycle Action Committee, along with Cycle Transitions, Northumberland Hills Cycling Club and Cobourg Cycling Club hosted a critical mass bicycle ride through the streets of Cobourg. Before, during and after, participants were presented with information about the benefits of cycling – as an alternative to driving and for one’s health. Participants met at Victoria Park band shell, then rode a planned 5km or 10 km route around town highlighting both safe and unsafe infrastructure. Cobourg Police and ride marshals escorted the ride around town ensuring safety. Estimate was that over one hundred riders of all ages participated in the event. The funding covered event permit, insurance, printing and promotional T-shirt subsidies.

CPN’s Fifth Grant: $2955 - On August 23, CPN issued a cheque to the Cobourg Ecology to cover the costs for the redesign and development of the Ecology Garden Website by a Port Hope company, Strike It Up Design. The estimated launch for the new website is March 2023. This is the first instalment of a $9000 grant to be issued by CPN over the next two years.

The Power of Community


Grassroots Power

Most of us realize that there is an inherent value in local community, something that goes beyond the convenience of shops, schools, streetlights and hospitals. It’s about belonging, about being connected, comfortable and appreciative of the place we call home.

At its core, every community has power, a power rooted in its people working together, from services clubs and special events to charities and not-for-profits. It is this grassroots power that makes many things possible and that has the capacity to change the status quo into something better.

We must tap this community power in order to transform Northumberland into a leader in promoting sustainable initiatives.

For our Children

Through community-powered investments in sustainability, Northumberland residents will achieve a better quality of life for all, and especially for our children, grandchildren and their children. Now is the time to invest in our future and begin to pay it forward.

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CPN membership is open to everyone over the age of 16. Membership is a one-time, per person fee of $10.00. Soon our website will allow you to join online but in the meantime just send us an email and we will send you membership information.

No work commitment is expected with your co-op membership, however, members are encouraged to voice their opinions on how the co-op should invest our assets to promote sustainability in our communities. This can be done by participating in Annual and Special Member Meetings, by joining Board sub-committees when the need arises or by sitting on the Board of Directors.

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Find out more about how you can get involved or contact us by email for more information at:

If you send us an email with your name and contact information, we can add you to our communications list so you can stay up-to-date with opportunities to engage and contribute to a resilient and sustainable Northumberland!