Community Grants

Community Power Northumberland Co-operative (CPN) is a grassroots organization working to harness the power of the Northumberland community, literally and figuratively.

We want to encourage community commitment to renewable energy, and we want to tap into our members’ passion for a cleaner, greener future. CPN offers grants that meet our Mission and Vision Statements and overall Goals:


The Grant Process

Amount and Eligibility

We are not currently accepting community grant applications.
Please check back early in 2022 for updated guidelines about our new community grants program.

Types of Projects/Proposals:

In the past four years CPN has awarded funds to an individual and several community organizations whose projects are consistent with CPN’s stated “Goals”. These include Cycle Transition, Habitat Northumberland, Cobourg Community Garden, Blue Dot Northumberland and Sustainable Cobourg.


Applicants should complete the Grant Application Forum available on the website. Applications should include a clear statement of the proposed project. We will evaluate if the activities have the potential to generate new learning, provide needed services, and /or encourage community commitment to sustainability.

Apply Online!

Please use this online form to tell us about you and your project. We will evaluate your request against our objectives and the guidelines outlined above.