Community Grants

Community Grants

Community Power Northumberland (CPN) is a grassroots network working to harness the power of community, both literally and figuratively. We want to inspire community commitment to sustainability and enable community-led climate action and sustainability efforts.

Sustainability, as a concept and a movement, is about getting to a ‘safe operating space’ where humans give back more than we take from the natural world. It is a space that aims to provide enough resources for people to live full, healthy lives, without compromising humanity’s future. Meaning that the actions taken today to meet our needs are not at the expense of current or future generations and the planet’s natural systems that we depend on.

Our community grants support projects that align with our mission, vision, and overall goals.

Grant Process


  • Community groups, businesses and individuals that are residents of Northumberland County are eligible to apply
  • Projects must be consistent with CPN’s Mission, Vision and overall goals
  • Proposals are welcomed for events/projects/campaigns that promote/celebrate sustainability, inform/educate the public, especially those that engage new audiences, and which increase uptake of sustainable practices in our communities
  • Funds can only be used for expenses itemized in the grant application


Completed applications should be submitted by March 18th, 2024 to be considered for funding in this year; however, the Board of Directors may review applications received later in the year on a case by case basis. 

Grant Amounts

Grant requests can be between $500-$5000 per annum. Details of planned expenses must be included in the grant application.

Review Process

A committee comprised of CPN members will review all applications and, if necessary, contact applicants for additional information. The committee will submit their recomendations to the Board of Directors for final approval and allocation of funding to successful applicants.

Grant applications will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Alignment with CPN’s publicly stated mission, vision, and goals
  • Whether the proposed initiative promotes/celebrates sustainability
  • Whether the proposed initiative will inform/educate the public about sustainability
  • Whether the proposed iniative provides the opportunity to connect with new audience(s)
  • Whether the proposed initiative will advance uptake of sustainability in community
  • Whether the proposed initiative offers an inspiring sustainability story
  • Whether there are plans in place to evaluate the impact of the proposed initiative

In allocating grants, the committee and Board of Directors may also give consideration to funding a balance of projects across the County’s seven municipalities and across our four themes (Rethinking Consumption, Embracing the Land, Promoting Equity, and Influencing Policy).


Apply Online

Please complete our online Grant Application Form to tell us about you and your proposed initiative.