Community Grant Application

Community Grant Application

Before completing this application, please make sure you have reviewed the community grants page and that your project aligns with CPN's assessment criteria for evaluating projects.

Applicant Information

Project Information

Please indicate the total grant amount for all years if applying for a multi-year grant.
You will provide a detailed budget for Year 1 below and will be expected to submit detailed budget breakdowns for subsequent years towards the end of the first year of implementation.
*Please refer to any specific goals/outcomes and the activities/approaches you will use to achieve your goals and create impact (community benefit).
*We are specifically interested in understanding how your proposed project promotes sustainability, informs/educates members of the community about sustainability, especially new audiences, and advances uptake of sustainable practices in community.
*Please provide clear and detailed budget lines and amounts for each planned expense.

Sample Budget
Event Permit - $100
Printing Signage - $200
Craft Supplies - $200
Sound Equipment Rental - $300
Total Budget OR Total Year 1 Budget = $800
*Where possible, please include description of key indicators you will use to evaluate impact as well as how you will collect data/information about impact during your project and report back to CPN
*These may include risks to budget or implementation of your project activities and any plans you have in place to ensure these risks will not prevent you from achieving your goals and creating impact in your community