Building Community Awareness

This changemaker is helping her community develop a stronger appreciation for our place in a shared ecosystem.

You don’t protect what you don’t love. You don’t love what you don’t know”.

Meet Penny Nutbrown at St. John’s Anglican Church in Port Hope. A retired teacher, Penny is finding creative ways to help children and adults learn about our shared environment and our role as stewards.

Your Community Power

Learn about the issues, be inspired by local action and take action by joining a campaign or local project. Choose one of the themes below to start your journey.

Rethinking Consumption
embracing the land
Promoting Equity
Influencing Policy

Connect With Us

Community Power Northumberland convenes with diverse partners to enable and inspire community-based sustainability initiatives across Northumberland County. Together, we are working towards a sustainable future for all communities across Northumberland that is resilient to the impacts of climate change and where no one is left behind.