An ongoing public partnership for EV charging stations

Cobourg Charging Initiative Team collaborating with Town of Cobourg to bring 18 new charging stations in the community.

A slow start…the Electric Vehicle Society’s original presentation to Cobourg Town Council in 2021 to set up public charging stations was not well received.  Council had little interest in spending taxpayers’ money for the 95 EV owners registered in Cobourg at the time.

Two years later we revisited the idea of charging stations in public parking lots with a focus on the benefits for local businesses of EV charging stations. The response from the Mayor, Council and Brian Geerts, Director of Community Services was quite positive.

We put together the Cobourg Public Charging Initiative Team and issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) to several vendors who were in the EV charging network industry. This team has met regularly throughout 2023, with vendors and has visited the four proposed sites in public parking lots around Cobourg, including the CCC and downtown. We are planning for a total of 18 chargers.

In October 2023, the Provincial Government, through MTO, established the EV ChargeOn program with $91million available to expand EV charging infrastructure in small communities in rural & northern Ontario.  The team will be applying for grants, with the help of the Town’s newly hired Policy & Grant Writer.  The deadline is Jan 31, 2024.

If all goes well and we are successful in getting grant funding for the four locations, installation could start in late Spring 2024, in time for the summer visitor season.

David Kuhnke, Member, Cobourg Public Charging Initiative Team

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